About us

History and Background

Sabor Latino Restaurant is the brainchild of a Dominican couple who decided to bring a taste of their country to New Jersey. The couple, who were passionate about cooking, wanted to share their love for Latin American cuisine with others. They started small, cooking traditional dishes in their home and selling them to the local community. Over time, they gained a loyal following, and their customers encouraged them to open a restaurant.

In 2007, the couple took the plunge and opened Sabor Latino Restaurant in Trenton. They renovated an old building, giving it a warm and welcoming ambiance. They chose the name “Sabor Latino” because it reflects their commitment to bringing the flavors of Latin America to New Jersey.


Sabor Latino Restaurant specializes in traditional Dominican and Central American cuisine. The menu is extensive, offering a wide range of dishes to cater to different tastes. Some of the most popular dishes include arroz con pollo (chicken and rice), churrasco (grilled steak), and mofongo (mashed plantains with meat or seafood). All dishes are made using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques, ensuring that they taste authentic.

One of the unique features of Sabor Latino Restaurant is its cocktail menu. The restaurant offers a range of delicious cocktails, including mojitos, margaritas, and piña coladas. The cocktails are made using fresh fruit, and each one has a unique twist, reflecting the flavors of Latin America.


Sabor Latino Restaurant: Bringing the Taste of Latin America to New Jersey


Sabor Latino started as Vargas Fried Chicken in 2006, a small restaurant that offered Dominican cuisine for takeout and delivery. As the business grew, it transformed into the vibrant and welcoming restaurant that it is today. In 2007, the owners changed the name to Sabor Latino to reflect the broader scope of the menu and to better showcase the variety of flavors from the Caribbean and Central America.

The restaurant aims to share the flavors of Latin American dishes with people of all nationalities, catering to the diverse community of the area. Sabor Latino is renowned for its authentic flavors, excellent service, and delightful cocktails.

Ambiance and Service

Sabor Latino Restaurant has a warm and welcoming ambiance. The walls are decorated with colorful paintings and murals, depicting scenes from Latin America. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 50, and the tables are arranged in a way that allows for privacy while still maintaining a cozy atmosphere.

The service at Sabor Latino Restaurant is excellent. The staff is friendly and welcoming, making customers feel at home. The restaurant has a fast turnover time, ensuring that customers do not have to wait long for their food. The staff is knowledgeable about the menu and can make recommendations to customers who are unsure about what to order.